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About Us

Our Story

Harb Industries is an industrial engineering company based in Cairo, Egypt, established in 1990 by our founder and CEO Gamal Harb. Harb Industries strives to bring excellence and quality to all our domestic and international customers.

What started as a small project producing one product; is now an industry manufacturing more than 100+ products for our domestic and international customers. Our expertise extended in the fields of die casting, anodizing and coloring, and electroplating, where we project our high-quality industry into our products, and the only factory in Cairo, Egypt that has high expertise in satin finishes.

Thanks to our international exposure, we use and invest in state-of-the-art German and Italian machinery to ensure our quality is recognized internationally, utilizing well-developed and tested blends in our labs to create the finest finishes, ensuring our quality continuously exceeds the markets’ standards.

From Gamals’ point of view, our company caters to our customers. We ensure our customers have ease and insurance of safety in their products while maintaining high quality throughout the whole process from the beginning of manufacturing until it goes out of our factory doors.

Our Policy

Manufacturing our products is conducted through the highest levels of quality, safety, and ethical procedures that ensure excellence for our customers. We want to make the experience inside and outside our company bring ease to the parties at hand.

Quality Control

We aim to produce and create high end products, with the help of our trained quality control engineers. We promise that any product that comes out of our factory is exceeding the market requirements.

Mission & Vision

Producing and supplying premium products with outstanding service, while leading our strong name in national and international markets.

Our Services

Tailored To All Industries

Die Casting


Anodising & Coloring


Electro Plating


Metal Machining

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